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An inconvenient truth

Sep 17th, 2006 by blog | 0

Global warming is being discussed again: An inconvenient truth is a movie not comparable to any movie shown in cinema before, it is neither fiction nor documentary, it is neither entertaining nor bleak; rather fascinating in the inescapabe way only science is able to.

It is a slide-show presented by the man who “used to be the next president of the united states”, Al Gore. He communicates the heavy load of scientific evidence gathered from a wide range of studies in an easy to absorb but never trivial manner. Unlike known movies, interviews or documents he is not only focusing on the evidence but tries to address every possible issue that stops people from accepting and undertaking the necessary steps.

This movie has the power to convince (or refresh) your sense of urgency with which changes need to be undertaken. It makes you aware of what your options are right now. And leaves you with the strong desire to contribute your part to a better, healthier and lasting future of our planet.

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