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[photoshop tricks] Set everything to grey except one colour

Mar 4th, 2006 by blog | 1

Copy and paste the original picture (ctrl-c, ctrl-v). Hide toplayer and convert bottom layer to grey scale image (ctrl+shift+U). Adjust grey values with the histogram (ctrl+L). Open “Color Range” in the “Select” menue. Pick colour you want highlight, invert mask klick ok and delete the selected area of the picture. You should now have a picture siminar to the displayed one.

One Comment on “[photoshop tricks] Set everything to grey except one colour”

  1. Kritika Das said:

    i was dying to learn how to isolate a color and set the rest to grayscale in photoshop. found many other tutorials & methods but nothing worked as smoothly and perfectly as this one.
    thanks a lot! :)

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