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the propper use of sort

Sep 7th, 2006 by blog | 0

well not rocket-science but handy to know: If you want to sort a file according to the first colum and then within the second colum you can use this command: sort -k 1g -k 2g bla g mean general numeric so that the 2 comes before 10. view an example …

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May 6th, 2006 by blog | 0

uname lists the system information e.g. $ uname -ai

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change password under linux

Mar 23rd, 2006 by blog | 0

Change Password >passwd Set shortcut (make new environment variable) >export simulation=/home/datahome/simulation call >cd $simulation

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unix for bloody beginners

Mar 1st, 2006 by blog | 0

Check environment variables > printenv Change HOME or PATH > export HOME=”/cygdrive/Z/cygwin/home” find out what your current path is > pwd change to a different drive > cd /cygdrive/c

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