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Review of Mobile Apps for Poker Odds Calculation

Jan 2nd, 2013 by blog | 0

Calculating the odds of winning a poker game given the cards you have is pretty handy especially for beginners or casual players. There are several desktop applications out there (see review of Poker Odds Calculators), however, calculating the odds at the table in a game on the fly using mobile applications for Poker Odds Calculations [...]

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WiT Infotech Research Award

Sep 2nd, 2011 by blog | 0

I am one of the three finalists for this year’s Infotech Research Award from Women in Technology (WiT). This is a particularly great honor because the other two finalists are Prof. Janet Wiles and Sandra Mau. I’m looking forward to a wonderfully inspiring evening at the gala dinner of the 14th annual WiT awards.     [...]

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Book burning v3.0 made easy with Kindle

Jul 25th, 2009 by blog | 0

Amazon’s e-book reader, Kindle, has just become a whole lot more convenient, not for the owner that is, but for steering the stupid masses towards the good of humanity. By deleting sold e-books from the Kindle devices due to copyright-issues of the digital publishers, Amazon has “generated waves of online pique” according to The New York Times.

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Internet filtering

May 4th, 2009 by blog | 0

While I’m against illegal content on the web, an internet filter is not the solution.

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All bioinformatics careers are created equal ?

Jul 4th, 2008 by blog | 0

Via Bioinformatics Zen: Loading…

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