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Sep 21st, 2011 by blog | 0

        All you need is … a ticket to this year’s TEDxBrisbane convergence. Looking forward to meeting new people !!

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QBI’s bioinformatics seminar series

Jun 15th, 2011 by blog | 0

I am organizing QBI’s bioinformatics seminar series to give researchers a better understanding of bioinformatics, specifically with respect to second generation sequencing data production and analysis. By the end of the seminar series the researchers should have a better understanding of  time frames, analysis steps and the research contribution that they can expect from the [...]

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Reviewer need be retrained to spot bad science

Mar 16th, 2011 by blog | 0

Russ Altman from Stanford University has recently reviewed and presented the most interesting bioinformatics papers from 2010. While this is undoubtedly very subjective (obviously, because he did not mention any of my papers), it is an excellent practice and should be done in any research institute for all the topics that are of interest to [...]

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Jul 24th, 2010 by blog | 0

My formal education is over (21. April 2010), life can start now! A big thanks to everyone who helped along the way.

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Next-Gen GWAS workshop

Jul 17th, 2010 by blog | 0

We are organizing a special topics workshop titled “The successes, challenges and prospects for GWAS mega-analyses for complex diseases“, which is part of this years’ International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB2010). The program features a fantastic list of high profile researchers from a wide range of disciplines and institutes around the world. The workshop will [...]

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Presenting in style

Nov 13th, 2006 by blog | 0

The pictures from the recent Small World competition are not only amazing but would also make fabulous background graphics for the next presentation – at least in bioinformatics

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Phantastic Things

Nov 12th, 2006 by blog | 0

This will be a phantastic tool onec it is available again: Jotspot. It will be something like a Wiki, but while Wikies are restricted to plain text, Jotspot will be able to provide spreadsheets, calendars, documents and photo galleries. Really looking forward to the “opening day”

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Melbourn Cup

Nov 7th, 2006 by blog | 0

Fashion and horses go together so why not combine them in a hat. Especially when it comes to a “fabulous hat” for the big horse racing day here in Australia : The Melbourne Cup. I went to Bunnings (my favourite store out of all – for some reasong, because I’m there every weekend) to buy [...]

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Every one loves my car…

Sep 23rd, 2006 by blog | 0

…even a grasshopper. Everything seems to be a bit larger in Australia: The grasshopper was about 10cm large, you can get a feeling for the size from the car-picture. Note also the wicket reflection from the curving of the heck. I bugged that poor feller quite a bit by taking so may picktures of him, [...]

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An inconvenient truth

Sep 17th, 2006 by blog | 0

Global warming is being discussed again: An inconvenient truth is a movie not comparable to any movie shown in cinema before, it is neither fiction nor documentary, it is neither entertaining nor bleak; rather fascinating in the inescapabe way only science is able to. It is a slide-show presented by the man who “used to [...]

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